About Me

Sam - Progression coach

Hi, my name is Sam, nice to meet you!

I work with young people who need help with all things progression. This could be revision techniques, researching university/apprenticeship/college courses and bespoke help with those applications.

I believe in raising aspirations and encouraging self-belief as well as balancing this with well-being and perspective.

I didn’t attend university. Neither myself or my children went to private school. Yet both my son and daughter were successful in gaining places to study at the University of Cambridge, UK.

How did they do it?

With a mixture of great planning, excellent study and revision techniques, a growth mindset and a lot of hard work. This, together with stand-out personal statements which showcased their personal views on their chosen subjects as well as reflections on relevant work experience placements.

Working with young people and guiding them through the maze of options post-exams is something I find tremendously rewarding.

My ethos is to encourage students to consider their strengths, aim high, and lay the ground work to increase their options for the future.

The Progression Coach donates 5% of profits to mental health charities for young people and another 5% towards a fund enabling more disadvantaged youngsters to access the same support as other clients.

Confused by post exam options?

Need help demystifying the university or apprenticeship application process?

Visit my Contact page to submit an enquiry and learn how I can help you move forward.